Haven Roast

Welcome to Haven Roast. Based out of New Haven Connecticut, we deliver single-origin coffee sourced from around the world. We offer a uniquely different coffee that is beyond what ordinary coffee brands can provide. We roast our beans to a smooth perfection with loads of flavor. If you are a Coffee lover, or if your just starting out, Haven Roast is your foremost destination for your premium quality coffee needs, at a great price.

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  • Free Local Delivery

    We provide with free delivery for all our products within the new haven area.

  • Quality Products

    We strive for quality over every other aspect, so that your experience is uncompromising.

  • Super fast delivery

    We provide super fast delivery so that your coffee is not kept away from you for a long time.

  • Customer Support

    We are very flexible and love to hear your recommendation and feedback to improve our offerings.