Nicaragua Roast


Take a sip and forget everything else – Dive deep into the world of divine coffee aroma, rich taste, remarkable freshness, and matchlessly smooth flavor. Be it the start of a busy day or a relaxing evening full of leisure, this coffee will help you recharge and reclaim your energy respectively.

Made With Care

Our Nicaraguan coffee is cultivated on high alleviation farms, where the farmers use micro-mills to process harvested cherries carefully. The process is done to ensure meticulous care in picking, fermenting, and drying the coffee beans. High alleviation farms allow for thorough and even processing of fresh coffee beans which are then packed and sent to our lovely customers.

Heavenly Taste

Treat your taste buds to the enriching coffee aroma and a smooth flavor marked by the notes of almond, brown sugar, and lemon. The almond notes enrich coffee strength, the brown sugar improves natural sweetening and the Lemon adds a bit of zest to the flavor.

Why Buy our Nicaraguan Roast:

  • 100% farm-fresh coffee beans to ensure natural taste and aroma
  • Micro-mill processing on high alleviation for meticulous taste and texture
  • Unique flavor notes of zesty lemon, sweetening brown sugar, and enriching almond
  • Average acidity levels for a refreshing coffee experience
  • Average sweetness level making it a great coffee pick for many

Roast Notes:

  • Almond
  • Brown Sugar
  • Lemon
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