Colombian Roast


If you have been looking for fresh, evenly dried, and rich in taste coffee, our Bag of Columbia Excelso is the perfect pick for you. Indulge in energy-recharging flavors, unearthly coffee aromas, and a rich freshness that cannot find a close match. This coffee is nothing short of coffee heaven packed in a bag from the superior texture and even taste to the refreshing aroma and rich flavor!

Outstanding Coffee Experience

Our farmers take special care while harvesting and processing the coffee beans. The process takes place in an alleviated farm, where the harvested coffee cherries are carefully micro-wet milled to ensure a fine texture while preserving the flavor. The ground cherries are then typically dried on alleviated tables inside the solar dryers, ensuring protection from the rain.

Rich Taste, Smooth Texture

Experience a burst of strong coffee flavor and unique aromas marked by the notes of almond, cocoa, and lemon. The enriching almond flavor is supplemented with taste-friendly cocoa notes with a hint of lemon zest.

Why Buy our Colombian Excelso:

  • 100% farm-fresh coffee beans to ensure natural taste and aroma.

  • Micro-mill processing on high alleviation for meticulous taste and texture.

  • Unique flavor notes of zesty lemon, cocoa, and enriching almond.

  • Low acidity levels for a relaxing coffee experience.

  • Average sweetness level making it a great coffee pick for many.

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Roast Notes

          Almond           Cocoa            Lemon

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